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Motorhome Insurance When Your Vehicle is in Storage

Most people don’t use their motorhomes year-round and typically enjoy them during the summer but store them in the winter. Since you’re not using the vehicle during that time, you may be tempted to cancel your insurance policy until you’re ready to hit the road again. However, you’re responsible for your vehicle at all times, and if it incurs damage while it’s stored away, it could cost you greatly.

Motorhome Insurance for a Stored Vehicle

So, is it necessary to keep your insurance during the off-season? The answer varies, depending on where you’re storing the vehicle, the type of vehicle, and your location. For example, if you live in an area prone to natural disasters, your vehicle will be more likely to get damaged. While it’s your decision, you should consider the risks of stopping your coverage.

Unforeseen Damages

You can’t control theft or vandalism that could occur even in a secure storage facility. Additionally, the damage could happen due to it sitting there, undriven, for months. You may only know there are issues with your motorhome once you’re ready to use it again, and without insurance, you’re the one covering the bill. Outdoor storage also poses risks, as your motorhome is exposed to potential catastrophes like flooding, falling trees or branches, hail damage, etc., which are unavoidable. 

Looking for Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance Options in Oklahoma?

You don’t need to make these decisions alone. Insurance Source Solutions can guide you through the entire process, helping you determine the type of insurance you require while your motorhome is in storage and explaining Oklahoma-specific rules and regulations.

Learn more about insurance options for your stored motorhome by calling Insurance Source Solutions today.

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