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Why You Need Condo Insurance

For every condo owner, getting condo insurance is an important responsibility. Condo insurance isn’t like home insurance, and it isn’t like renters’ policies. It is a unique type of insurance just for condos. If you need your condo protected with insurance, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma to find out more.

Condo-Specific Coverage

When you get condo insurance, your policy only covers the exact parameters of your specific condo. Unlike home insurance, this doesn’t mean that the whole dwelling is covered. With a condo, your ownership may go to the inside walls and include everything inside that line. Or, it may include everything in between the outer outside walls and everything inside it. Your specific property lines are covered so that you aren’t paying for parts of your condo that you do not own. 

Possessions Coverage

Another part of this coverage is protection for your belongings. If a serious incident were to happen that destroys your items, or ruins them, your condo policy would pay for you to replace them. This coverage is extremely important for you to keep up your standard of living after an accident, calamity, etc. 

Liability Coverage

Your condo policy also includes an amount of protection for your bodily injury liability. If you were to have a guest or other person in your condo, and they became sick or were injured, the resulting medical bills may be your responsibility. Your liability coverage pays these bills up to the policy’s maximum. This is an important type of coverage to have to protect your financial future. 

Get Your Condo Coverage

It’s important not to go without this valuable insurance coverage. And, your condo board almost certainly requires you to have it. If you need a condo policy, call us today at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma.

How Does Condo Insurance Work?

If you have a condo, you need a specialized form of insurance to protect it. Your policy’s exact parameters have a lot to do with your condo association and how they outline what you’re responsible for. If you need a personalized condo insurance policy, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions of Oklahoma.

Your Condo Policy

Your condo association will have a document called the master policy. This outlines just which portions of the building you are responsible for insuring as well as maintaining. Usually, this only includes the interior of the condo. Some contracts may require you to cover the walls’ insides as well, including the electrical system and the plumbing lines. Others will extend to some of the pipes outside of your condo. If you have made any improvements to the outside of the property, it will include those. The outside portions of the building, excluding any improvements you have made, are generally insured by the condo association. 

Other Coverage

As well as covering the condo itself, your condo insurance policy will likely cover all of your possessions inside it. Depending on the contract, this may also cover your liability inside the condo. This means that if someone has an accident or falls ill inside your home, their medical bills are covered by your insurance. Your policy may also cover your living expenses if you should be forced out of your condo because of serious calamities that make it uninhabitable. 

Call an Agent

If you have a condo and need insurance, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions of Oklahoma. We can help you to understand better condo insurance and what kind you need.


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