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Other Insurance

Insurance Source Solutions can help you find almost any insurance policy you can imagine. Reach out to one of our independent insurance agents to learn about any of the following insurance policies.

Condo Insurance

Typically, condo insurance policies will provide some sort of protection for the unit itself as well as the belongings you keep inside of it. Many plans will also protect you in case a guest of yours is injured inside the condominium unit.

Umbrella Insurance

As the name implies, an umbrella insurance policy covers several situations. This type of insurance coverage helps protect your family from financial loss if one of your other main insurance policies should become exhausted, or if you are sued for something that happens outside of your regular address or while working somewhere other than your main job.

Boat Insurance

Boating has become more popular during the last 15 years and because of this, there have been more boating accidents. You may be a safe boater, but you never know about someone else who could cause a boating accident nearby. You want to make sure that you and your passengers are protected from the behavior of other boaters with the right boat insurance. Boat insurance is not only an important policy to carry, but something our agents at Insurance Source Solutions can help you with.

Motorcycle Insurance

In addition to being required, there are other reasons why you should have motorcycle coverage. Accidents can happen at any time and can happen on city streets instead of just interstates or highways. Riders going at unsafe speeds cause about one out of every four serious crashes in the state.

RV Insurance

The state requires all RV owners to have minimum liability coverage for their motor homes. The minimum coverage is necessary because it helps to protect both the driver and other parties in case of an accident. It is important to remember though that the basic liability insurance covers only the minimum and most RV operators usually need much more than just the lowest required coverage.

Motor Home Insurance

Motorhome usage is quite popular and with the popularity comes the need to have motorhome insurance. All operators must have minimum liability coverage that protects the owner and others if a vehicle accident occurs.

Renters Insurance

Standard renter’s insurance will protect your belongings against damage from smoke, fire, lightning, explosion, theft, and other disasters listed in the policy. In order to determine how much you should get, you should have an idea of what your belongings are worth.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance normally provides coverage like that of a regular car insurance policy, such as comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, property damage, and bodily injury liability insurance. Unlike traditional cars that are insured based on their actual cash value, classic car insurance covers the agreed value of your car, even when the value of your vehicle increases over time.

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