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How Boat Customizations Affect Your Boat Insurance

How Boat Customizations Affect Your Boat Insurance

Whether you enjoy cruising on the waters of Grand Lake or Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma, you need the right boat insurance to properly protect your investment. When you customize your boat, you change it from the condition in which you originally insured it. That means you need to update your policy with Insurance Source Solutions.

What qualifies as customization that requires a boat insurance update? Many items qualify, including:

  • custom paint, such as a mural,
  • upgraded motor,
  • adding an awning,
  • redecorating or remodeling the galley or berth.

You need the updated insurance because your policy only covers your watercraft as you initially purchased it and insured it. Yes, your updated insurance might slightly raise your premium but think about the alternative. After all the money you spent on the customizations, if you don’t update your policy, none of your changes are covered. That means if you have an accident in the boat, you’ll only receive compensation for the original boat. When you update your coverage, if something happens, you receive compensation to cover the boat with the changes, meaning you can buy a new boat that’s just as nice as the one you lost.

When you buy boat insurance, think in terms of full coverage. The liability protection you buy protects everyone on your boat and on another boat if you cause an accident. The property damage coverage pays for damage you cause to someone else’s watercraft. You need collision and comprehensive policies to cover your own watercraft though.

Contact Insurance Source Solutions to learn how to update your boat insurance so you can continue to protect your watercraft on the Oklahoma lakes and rivers. Call us today.

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