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Is Motorcycle Insurance a Requirement?

If you own a motorcycle, you may have questions about motorcycle insurance and how it works. Insurance Source Solutions serving Oklahoma can help you get the answers that you need about motorcycle insurance. Knowing whether motorcycle insurance is required and what you should do to pick the right insurance policy for your needs can help you through this process. Here’s what to know.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required?

Motorcycle insurance is a requirement for driving on the road with a motorcycle, just like auto insurance. However, motorcycles aren’t covered under most auto policies, so you’ll most likely need to have your own motorcycle policy to ensure that your motorcycle is properly insured. 

What Should You Consider When Getting Motorcycle Insurance?

There are many different types of coverage that can be offered by motorcycle insurance. Here’s what to consider when trying to find the right motorcycle insurance for your needs.

  • Injuries. Some motorcycle policies will cover you if you are injured, and some will not. 
  • Collision coverage. Collision coverage helps repair or replace your motorcycle if it’s involved in an accident. You’ll have to think about whether this is important to you. 
  • Other riders. Your motorcycle insurance may or may not cover other riders who are on the motorcycle with you. If you regularly ride with another person, this is important to consider. 

How Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance?

The first step to getting motorcycle insurance is to find an insurance agent you can trust. At Insurance Source Solutions serving Oklahoma, we can help. As a respected name in insurance, we offer a variety of insurance types, including motorcycle insurance. Call today to find the best policy for your needs. 

Should You Drive a Motorcycle In The Rain?

If you have owned a motorcycle for any amount of time, you understand that the rules are simply different for bikers. Things that are perfectly safe for other vehicles can become a real safety challenge for bikers. This includes riding in the rain. The insurance experts at Insurance Source Solutions want to help bikers in Oklahoma not only make smart insurance choices but make smart driving choices too.

Let’s take a quick look at driving a motorcycle in the rain:

Should Bikers Drive In The Rain?

The simple answer is no. If you already know that rain is in the forecast, it is far better to simply choose a different mode of transportation. Driving a motorcycle in the rain will increase all risk factors for an accident. Obviously, there may be times when you are not aware that it is going to start raining, and you might get caught in the rain on your bike unaware. In those situations, you need to practice increased safety measures to ensure you get home safely. 

Why Is It Dangerous to Bike In The Rain?

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t drive a motorcycle in the rain. Let’s look at a few. 

There is a distinct loss of visibility when riding a bike in the rain. You do not have the benefit of a windshield and wipers to help you get through the rain safely, so you will not be able to see clearly. 

Slick roads also make biking more dangerous. Because you only have two wheels instead of four or more, you have less traction on the road and are therefore more susceptible to accidents. 

Want To Know More?

If you would like to learn about motorcycle insurance, please contact us at Insurance Source Solutions serving Oklahoma. We will be happy to help you today.  

Three resources to take advantage of when you need motorcycle insurance

There are plenty of helpful resources available to you when you’re on the market for motorcycle insurance coverage. Insuring your bike in Oklahoma is important so that you don’t have any financial worries when you’re on the road. 

We encourage you to shop around so that you’re confident in your insurance coverage.

The following are three resources to take advantage of when you need motorcycle insurance:

Your motorcycle dealership

When you purchase your motorcycle, you might want to discuss your motorcycle insurance needs with your motorcycle dealership. Your motorcycle dealer might be able to advise you on a great option for coverage in your area. 

Our representatives at Insurance Source Solutions

You can call our insurance agency for the information you need when you’re choosing the best motorcycle insurance coverage option. We’re happy to come to your assistance so that you’re confident you’ve made the right decision when choosing motorcycle coverage.

Not only will we answer your questions about coverage options, but we can also provide you with a quote on a policy from our company. 

Online Insurance Quotes

 You can use our consumer quoting portal to get quotes from several different insurance providers.

You can also use sites online to learn about the different types of motorcycle insurance coverage available. It’s important for you to invest in all the types of motorcycle insurance you need, including liability and collision coverage. 

Give Us A Call

Feel free to email or call us at Insurance Source Solutions if you need to learn more about your motorcycle insurance options. We’re happy to insure Oklahoma motorcycle owners with the coverage they can count on!

Motorcycle Insurance During Trailer Transportation: Does It Apply?

At Insurance Source Solutions, we help Oklahoma motorcycle owners get the coverage that they need. But what happens if their bike is damaged during a haul? Are they protected? Read on to learn more about your potential range in this always frustrating situation.

This Situation is Complex 

When your motorcycle is being hauled by a third party (such as a repair professional or a dealer bringing the bike to you have purchased), your insurance policy doesn’t matter because the company hauling your vehicle has a policy that they must keep up to date. By law, they must provide Full Protection on all cars that they carry for various transportation situations. 

That said, some of these companies have waivers that claim that they are not to blame if your vehicle gets damaged, which could be legally binding in some situations. And what if you are hauling your truck yourself? Your motorcycle is not riding on the road but is transported by your trailer. Are you covered in this situation, and what will happen if you’re not?

This situation is a bit more complex. If you have trailer insurance, it will help pay for that hauling device and any damage to it while you ride. However, your policy may or may not cover the items that you haul. And your motorcycle insurance may also include variables for moving, depending on its wording and the overall quality of the coverage. 

Don’t Ignore Help Today 

If you are worried about hauling your motorcycle in Oklahoma and want a policy that makes sense, please contact us today at Insurance Source Solutions to learn more. We’ll do what we can to help you and keep your bike safe.

Who needs to get a motorcycle insurance plan in Oklahoma?

In the state of Oklahoma, the nice weather and open roads can make it a fun place to own a motorcycle. While a motorcycle can be a fun vehicle to drive and be quite efficient, they are still an important responsibility you need to insure properly. There are several situations when you will need to get a motorcycle insurance plan. 

Those that Want to Drive on State Highways

A situation when someone will need to get a motorcycle insurance plan is if they want to be able to ride it on the state roads. Like any other type of vehicle, you will need to get an insurance plan with liability coverage if you plan to buy and drive a motorcycle. With a proper motorcycle liability insurance plan, you can stay in compliance with state laws that require coverage. 

Those that Have a Loan

Another reason you should get a motorcycle insurance plan here is to stay in compliance with your loan agreement. Anyone who has taken out a loan to buy their motorcycle will have specific lender insurance requirements. The loan provider has these requirements to ensure their security interest in the motorcycle is protected. If you do not get this coverage, you could be in default of the loan. 

Anyone who would like to use a motorcycle when they are in Oklahoma should speak with the Insurance Source Solutions team. If you reach out to Insurance Source Solutions for your insurance needs, our team can help by assessing your situation and giving advice on what type of policy is right for you. We can then help you build a plan that keeps you in compliance with the law and any loan agreements.

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