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Should I Ensure My Pet Grooming Business With Commercial Insurance

As the owner of a pet grooming business, there’s no doubt you’ve put in a lot of time and hard work to build your company. Even though most of your attention probably goes toward making sure all of your furry clients are provided the best care possible, you must still take time to ensure you’re taking care of your company. One of the best ways to protect your pet grooming business is by buying a commercial insurance policy. Here at Insurance Source Solutions serving the state of Oklahoma, we’ve helped many clients with buying a commercial insurance policy for a pet grooming business. Here’s a quick look at the top three reasons you should buy one too.

Protect Your Customers and Workers

When working with pets, you never actually know if one of them will turn and bite or scratch you. You also never know when one might scratch or bite a customer or worker. And even though you can do all that you can to keep this from happening, it still could. If a customer or worker was to be bitten, scratched, or injured on your property, there’s a good chance you could be found liable for the medical expenses. With commercial insurance, you can rest easy in this type of situation, knowing that you won’t be held personally reliable. Instead, your insurance will likely cover the cost of medical bills.

Protect Your Property

Commercial insurance is also important because it helps protect the building your space you work out of. Even if you work out of your home, your home insurance may not cover incidents related to your business. Because of this, you’ll need a commercial insurance policy to protect the part of your home in which you conduct pet grooming services.

Want to learn more about protecting your pet grooming business in Kansas or Oklahoma with commercial insurance? Contact Insurance Source Solutions today.

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