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Securing Your Condo During a Storm

As a condo owner in Oklahoma, you have the potential to be the victim of natural disasters and storms that are common in this area. To protect your condo to the best of your ability, there are some things you can do to minimize the damage to your property. 

Securing Your Condo

1. Secure Loose Items on Balconies

Because many condos are on higher floors, balconies are provided to give that private outdoor space. It is easy to leave furniture and other items out on these balconies; these are the first items gone and causing damage in the event of a storm. Things like grills and furniture should be secured to the balcony so they aren’t moving about during the storm. 

2. Shutter your Windows

You cannot equalize the wind pressure during a tornado by opening your windows. To minimize the damage coming into your condo, you can best shut these windows with tornado-grade shutters or secure thick pieces of plywood to the windows. 

3. Seal Any Exterior Gaps

By taking a quick look around the exterior of your home, look for gaps in the siding where wind can get in. Sealing these areas with caulk and gaps to withstand the potential wind damage that could affect the condo. 

4. Secure Loose Items in Your Home

Before the storm, it is good practice to start removing anything heavy from your walls so that it can’t be thrown around in the storm and cause further damage. You will want to stack items almost like you are packing them so they are secure during the storm and you have minimal items that could be damaged during the storm. 

Insurance Source Solutions Is Here To Help

The tips above are designed to help protect your Oklahoma condo. However, the best protection you can have is your own condo insurance policy from Insurance Source Solutions. This will help you with costs and replacements after the storm. 

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