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What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a unique coverage type that works with other policies that you have. If you want to know more about umbrella insurance, call us today at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma.

Liability for Your Home Insurance

When you have a home insurance policy, it will contain several different types of coverage. Among these is your liability coverage. This protects you financially if someone were to have an accident in your home. After an accident, your home insurance will assess liability and pay the medical bills for accidents that you are liable for. However, because the liability coverage with home insurance is generally so low, it may not pay out enough to cover the medical bills. If you have umbrella insurance, however, this will come in after the home insurance policy and pay the rest of the money owed. This can protect you from being sued for the overage and having to come up with it by yourself.

Liability for Your Auto Insurance

When there is an accident with your vehicle, umbrella insurance works in the same way that it does when the accident happens in your house. First, your auto insurance will pay as much as it can toward the medical and property damage bills that you owe. But because this amount is often low, you would need umbrella insurance to come in and pay the rest after your auto insurance maxes out. Umbrella insurance is good protection against lawsuits, especially since medical bills are rising so quickly. 

Get More Liability Coverage

If you need more liability coverage, and many people do, getting an umbrella insurance policy is a smart way to get it. When you have an umbrella policy, you are far better protected against accidents and the huge bills they can cause. Give us a call at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma.

Why You Need Condo Insurance

For every condo owner, getting condo insurance is an important responsibility. Condo insurance isn’t like home insurance, and it isn’t like renters’ policies. It is a unique type of insurance just for condos. If you need your condo protected with insurance, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma to find out more.

Condo-Specific Coverage

When you get condo insurance, your policy only covers the exact parameters of your specific condo. Unlike home insurance, this doesn’t mean that the whole dwelling is covered. With a condo, your ownership may go to the inside walls and include everything inside that line. Or, it may include everything in between the outer outside walls and everything inside it. Your specific property lines are covered so that you aren’t paying for parts of your condo that you do not own. 

Possessions Coverage

Another part of this coverage is protection for your belongings. If a serious incident were to happen that destroys your items, or ruins them, your condo policy would pay for you to replace them. This coverage is extremely important for you to keep up your standard of living after an accident, calamity, etc. 

Liability Coverage

Your condo policy also includes an amount of protection for your bodily injury liability. If you were to have a guest or other person in your condo, and they became sick or were injured, the resulting medical bills may be your responsibility. Your liability coverage pays these bills up to the policy’s maximum. This is an important type of coverage to have to protect your financial future. 

Get Your Condo Coverage

It’s important not to go without this valuable insurance coverage. And, your condo board almost certainly requires you to have it. If you need a condo policy, call us today at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma.

How Renters’ Insurance Works

When you rent your home, it’s vital that you insure it well. You can do this with a renters’ insurance policy. If you rent your home and need coverage, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma to speak with an insurance agent. 

Insure Your Belongings

If you’re like most renters, everything you own is in your home. That makes it important to be sure that your possessions are insured in case of a calamity or disaster. When you have renters’ insurance, it’s all insured. That makes it far easier to get back to your standard of living after a terrible incident has happened. To make sure that it’s all covered, it’s wise to take a video of all of your expensive possessions so that you can prove that they were in your rented home.

Insure Your Financial Future

If you have someone in your home who gets sick or injures themselves, this can open you up to huge liability issues. You can end up owing a lot of money in medical bills and other costs associated with the accident or illness. Renters’ insurance covers this liability and will pay those medical bills so that you don’t have to. 

Insure Your Quality of Life

If the worst should happen and something serious happens to your rental, it can make the home uninhabitable. It may even be illegal to stay there because of the damage to it. When this happens, you can use your renters’ insurance to pay for you to live somewhere else. It will pay you to move out and the cost of a new place to live while yours is being repaired. This allows you to live somewhere habitable and gives you a better quality of life than living somewhere unlivable. 

Get Your Renters’ Policy

If you don’t have your renters’ policy yet, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma right away. 

Is Motorhome Insurance Required in Oklahoma?

With over 18,000 registered motorhomes, many residents in Oklahoma use RVs and similar vehicles for various reasons. But whether it’s for lodging or exploring the beautiful sceneries of Oklahoma, getting motorhome insurance must be high up on your priority list. 

Motorhome Insurance in Oklahoma

When you set out in your RV, you want to ensure that your invaluable asset is well-protected with the relevant insurance. While your motorhome is a type of vehicle, it doesn’t fall under auto insurance. That said, you need to get the right motorhome insurance. 

Is motorhome insurance mandatory in Virginia? Yes. Just like your vehicle, Oklahoma State requires you to obtain motorhome insurance with the below minimum coverages. 

  • Property damage coverage: Pays for third-party losses when you are at fault. The state requires you to carry a minimum of $25,000 for property damage coverage.
  • Bodily injury protection: Because accidents can’t be prevented entirely, this coverage covers medical expenses of accident-related injuries sustained by others where you are at fault. The state requires you to carry a minimum limit of $50,000 per accident involving multiple persons and $25,000 per person in one accident.

Are there other motorhome insurance options in Oklahoma?

Remember, the state’s minimum coverage requirements are just minimums. They won’t protect your motorhome from other perils like theft, vandalism, fire, and select natural disasters. In light of this, when you partner with Insurance Source Solutions, we will offer you the below motorhome insurance options for proper coverage:

  • Collision coverage to cover damages when your motorhome is involved in an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect your RV against theft, fire, vandalism, and so forth
  • Roadside assistance to bail you when your motorhome is disabled
  • Full-timer coverage if you reside in your RV all year round
  • Personal effect coverage to protect your personal belongings from theft, fire, and other perils stated in your policy

Motorhome Insurance in Oklahoma 

Because motorhome insurance agents are hard to come by, at Insurance Source Solutions based in Oklahoma, we ensure that you don’t have to hassle when shopping for motorhome insurance. Call us today, and our team will help you get the right insurance coverage for your motorhome. You know about motorhomes and open roads, but we know insurance.


Exploring The Benefits Of RV Insurance

Insurance Source Solutions offers insurance coverage to Oklahoma residents. We enjoy helping families and businesses find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We can help you find a policy specifically suited to your individual needs.

The Benefits of RV Insurance

If you use your RV to travel around Oklahoma, it’s important that you protect your investment. RV insurance covers any damage to your vehicle as a result of a collision. You can also add comprehensive coverage so that you will be protected if your RV is stolen or vandalized. Comprehensive coverage also protects your vehicle if it is damaged due to a fire or another type of natural disaster.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is significant because accidents can happen at any time. You are protected if one of your passengers in the RV suffers an injury. You are also covered if your RV suffers damages or injures someone in a collision.  

Roadside Assistance

If you are traveling out of Oklahoma and your RV suffers engine failure or another emergency, roadside assistance will cover you. You can receive urgent fuel, a boost to jumpstart your battery, or towing service. If your RV needs to be repaired, you can amend your policy to include interruption coverage. With interruption coverage, you are protected while you seek alternative housing elsewhere until your RV is repaired.

Storage Coverage

If you plan to store your RV somewhere or go camping, you can add storage coverage to your policy. This covers any damage to your RV while you are not using it.

Insurance Source Solutions Will Help You Protect Your Asset

Visit our website to learn more information about RV insurance.

Who needs to get a motorcycle insurance plan in Oklahoma?

In the state of Oklahoma, the nice weather and open roads can make it a fun place to own a motorcycle. While a motorcycle can be a fun vehicle to drive and be quite efficient, they are still an important responsibility you need to insure properly. There are several situations when you will need to get a motorcycle insurance plan. 

Those that Want to Drive on State Highways

A situation when someone will need to get a motorcycle insurance plan is if they want to be able to ride it on the state roads. Like any other type of vehicle, you will need to get an insurance plan with liability coverage if you plan to buy and drive a motorcycle. With a proper motorcycle liability insurance plan, you can stay in compliance with state laws that require coverage. 

Those that Have a Loan

Another reason you should get a motorcycle insurance plan here is to stay in compliance with your loan agreement. Anyone who has taken out a loan to buy their motorcycle will have specific lender insurance requirements. The loan provider has these requirements to ensure their security interest in the motorcycle is protected. If you do not get this coverage, you could be in default of the loan. 

Anyone who would like to use a motorcycle when they are in Oklahoma should speak with the Insurance Source Solutions team. If you reach out to Insurance Source Solutions for your insurance needs, our team can help by assessing your situation and giving advice on what type of policy is right for you. We can then help you build a plan that keeps you in compliance with the law and any loan agreements.

Are you required to have boat insurance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has more than 200 human-made lakes making it a great place to own or even live on a boat. A boat is an investment in your entertainment or your lifestyle. Whether it is a bass boat, party boat, speed boat, or houseboat, you may wonder what type of insurance you need to have on your boat. Insurance Source Solutions offers residents a place to come for all their insurance needs. As an independent agency, we can offer plenty of carrier and policy choices. 

The state of Oklahoma does not require boat owners to carry boat insurance. While the state may not require it, if you have financed your boat, chances are the lender will require that you carry insurance to protect their investment in your boat. On average, about 80 boating accidents happen every year in Oklahoma. Some of them involve fatalities. With the rise in boating popularity, the waters have become more crowded and raised the chances of accidents. 

Liability insurance is an important coverage. If you have a boat accident and there are injuries, you could be held liable for the medical bills and lost work time. If the injured people decided to sue, it could end up being a costly accident. Why take the risk when boat insurance can provide the protection you need at a reasonable price?  Property damage can happen both to your boat and to another boat or even a dock. Having to pay for the damage out of your own pocket can be devastating to your finances. 

If you have a boat that you use frequently and enjoy, protecting it and yourself makes good sense. In Oklahoma, talking to the knowledgeable team at Insurance Source Solutions can provide you with the information you need about boat insurance. Give our office a call or stop by to discuss your needs. 

What to Look for with an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Sometimes, what you get with an insurance policy just doesn’t cut it. When this happens, you need to request an additional amount on top of this to protect your assets. That’s where umbrella insurance comes into play. It may never have occurred to you that you could get such a policy. An agent at Insurance Source Solutions of Oklahoma can assist you by discussing your needs and setting this up.

What an Umbrella Policy Should Offer

With an umbrella liability policy, you want something that offers broader coverage. This can be applied to your home, auto, or business insurance, among other types. This ensures that you’ll have liability protection over the amount of your basic liability policy in case you have a bodily injury or property damages claim that exceeds your limit. The umbrella policy will kick in at that point to cover the rest.

Your umbrella policy’s coverage trigger should be the same as the underlying policy’s coverage trigger. For instance, if it’s claims-made for the basic policy, it should match the umbrella policy.

It’s ideal to have a policy that states it will "pay on behalf" rather than reimburse you at a later time. This way, the amount will be paid upfront, so you don’t have to hold up your company’s or personal funds.

It’s in your best interest to avoid an umbrella policy that has a self-insured retention clause since this would require you to pay out-of-pocket for each claim that’s covered by your umbrella policy that wouldn’t be covered by your primary insurance.

Here at Insurance Source Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping our Oklahoma customers make the right choices regarding their insurance needs. Contact us today to get started.


How Does Condo Insurance Work?

If you have a condo, you need a specialized form of insurance to protect it. Your policy’s exact parameters have a lot to do with your condo association and how they outline what you’re responsible for. If you need a personalized condo insurance policy, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions of Oklahoma.

Your Condo Policy

Your condo association will have a document called the master policy. This outlines just which portions of the building you are responsible for insuring as well as maintaining. Usually, this only includes the interior of the condo. Some contracts may require you to cover the walls’ insides as well, including the electrical system and the plumbing lines. Others will extend to some of the pipes outside of your condo. If you have made any improvements to the outside of the property, it will include those. The outside portions of the building, excluding any improvements you have made, are generally insured by the condo association. 

Other Coverage

As well as covering the condo itself, your condo insurance policy will likely cover all of your possessions inside it. Depending on the contract, this may also cover your liability inside the condo. This means that if someone has an accident or falls ill inside your home, their medical bills are covered by your insurance. Your policy may also cover your living expenses if you should be forced out of your condo because of serious calamities that make it uninhabitable. 

Call an Agent

If you have a condo and need insurance, contact us at Insurance Source Solutions of Oklahoma. We can help you to understand better condo insurance and what kind you need.


Should I choose whole or term life insurance?

People that are in the state of Kansas and Oklahoma need to spend time carefully assessing their personal life insurance needs. When you are looking for life insurance, you will want to consider getting either whole or term life insurance. It is important to consider various factors when determining which option is right for your situation and meets your needs. 

Most Coverage for Premium Amount

One of the factors to consider when trying to determine between the two life insurance options is if you value having the most coverage for the lowest premium. For many people, providing the necessary amount of protection is the most important factor when shopping for life insurance. If you are looking for life insurance, the term life insurance policies will give you the most coverage for the lowest monthly price, although you will miss out on other benefits.

You Want Investment Benefits

Another factor to consider when shopping for life insurance is if you want investment benefits. If you choose a whole life insurance policy, you are going to enjoy investment benefits as well. When you have whole life insurance, a portion of your monthly payment will accrue in an account that will grow with interest. Eventually, you can liquidate the account or use it as collateral for a loan. This can make whole life insurance a great addition to any personal finance plan.

Many factors need to be considered when shopping for life insurance in the state of Kansas and Oklahoma. If you would like guidance when choosing a life insurance plan, you should call Insurance Source Solutions. The team at Insurance Source Solutions can give you the guidance and support you need to pick a policy that meets your needs. 

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