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Three resources to take advantage of when you need motorcycle insurance

There are plenty of helpful resources available to you when you’re on the market for motorcycle insurance coverage. Insuring your bike in Oklahoma is important so that you don’t have any financial worries when you’re on the road. 

We encourage you to shop around so that you’re confident in your insurance coverage.

The following are three resources to take advantage of when you need motorcycle insurance:

Your motorcycle dealership

When you purchase your motorcycle, you might want to discuss your motorcycle insurance needs with your motorcycle dealership. Your motorcycle dealer might be able to advise you on a great option for coverage in your area. 

Our representatives at Insurance Source Solutions

You can call our insurance agency for the information you need when you’re choosing the best motorcycle insurance coverage option. We’re happy to come to your assistance so that you’re confident you’ve made the right decision when choosing motorcycle coverage.

Not only will we answer your questions about coverage options, but we can also provide you with a quote on a policy from our company. 

Online Insurance Quotes

 You can use our consumer quoting portal to get quotes from several different insurance providers.

You can also use sites online to learn about the different types of motorcycle insurance coverage available. It’s important for you to invest in all the types of motorcycle insurance you need, including liability and collision coverage. 

Give Us A Call

Feel free to email or call us at Insurance Source Solutions if you need to learn more about your motorcycle insurance options. We’re happy to insure Oklahoma motorcycle owners with the coverage they can count on!

Other Watercraft Boat Insurance Covers

When you purchase boat insurance from Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma, you can use that one policy to protect all of your watercraft. You might visit our offices to purchase coverage for a speedboat, but the same policy can also protect the pontoon boat you moor at Lake Eufaula or the kayaks you like to use on Lake Hefner.

What Boat Insurance Can Cover

Although it gets called boat insurance, you can use the same policy to protect your Seadoos, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, etc. Any watercraft you own, you can insure with boat insurance.

We can also help you list the accessories for your boat on the insurance policy. This includes personal property you use while using the boat. What do we mean? Examples of these accessories include:

  • Radar,
  • Water skis,
  • Radio equipment,
  • Infotainment centers,
  • Laptops.

Check with us about other items because any item you store in your ship’s hold we can add to your insurance policy.

Protections Provided

By adding these other pieces of equipment and accessories, the policy protects you from financial loss in cases of breakage, theft, or liability if someone gets hurt while using them. That means if someone steals the laptop off of your boat, you can file an insurance claim for reimbursement.

That liability coverage means that if someone incurs injury while using your jet skis, the insurance covers the costs of their medical treatment and any settlement if they go to court. It also covers court costs and attorney fees.

Get Boat Insurance Today

Contact Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma for more information on the many types of equipment and watercraft you can protect with boat insurance. Let us help you update your policy today.

Why It’s So Important to Have Condo Insurance

It’s great to own a condo, but it’s vital for you to keep that condo well-protected with a condo insurance policy. Without one of these policies, you can put yourself in danger of serious financial problems. When you need condo coverage in Oklahoma, give us a call at Insurance Source Solutions.

Protection for Your Condo

One of the types of coverage that you get with condo insurance is protection for the dwelling itself. This includes only the parts you own, which may include the inside of the exterior walls or exclude that area. The outer part of the outer walls is always held by the condo board and is not insured with condo insurance. When something damages your condo, your condo policy can pay for the damage to be repaired. It may also pay for you to live elsewhere during these repairs if needed. 

Item Protection

All of your belongings inside your condo are also protected by your policy. When an event happens that damages your possessions, it can be covered by your policy. This will allow the policy to pay for your items to be replaced. This is an important type of protection that can save you a lot after a damaging event happens. 

Protection Against Liability

Another form of protection in condo insurance is coverage that protects you against liability. This coverage is there in case someone has an accident inside your condo and becomes injured from it. When this happens, you are generally liable for all of the medical bills and other costs like lost wages that result from it. With condo insurance, the policy can pay for their bills. 

Get Condo Insurance

When you’re a condo owner, you must have a condo policy to protect yourself. Call us today at Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma when you need a policy.

Should You Have Umbrella Insurance With a Trampoline?

Backyard trampolines are a fun addition to any Oklahoma home but can also be dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were over 100,000 trampoline-related injuries in 2014. When you add one to your property, it’s essential to consider your liability if an injury happens.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that can help protect you from expensive lawsuits. It provides coverage above and beyond the limits of your homeowner’s or auto insurance. So, if you’re sued for damages that exceed your regular policy limits, umbrella insurance can help cover the costs.

Insurance Source Solutions can help you find the right umbrella insurance policy for your needs and budget.

Should You Have Umbrella Insurance With a Trampoline?

If you have a trampoline on your property, it’s a good idea to have umbrella insurance in place. This type of coverage can help protect you from expensive lawsuits if an injury occurs while using the trampoline.

Even if you take precautions to make your trampoline safe, accidents can still happen. And if there’s a serious injury, the costs of a lawsuit could easily exceed the limits of your regular insurance policy. Umbrella insurance can help provide the extra protection you need.

When shopping for umbrella insurance, be sure to ask about coverage for trampoline-related injuries. Some policies may exclude this type of coverage, so it’s important to know what you’re buying.

Give Us A Call

The bottom line is that umbrella insurance can help give you peace of mind if you have a trampoline on your property. It can provide extra protection in the event of a lawsuit, and it’s important to be aware of the coverage options available to you.

Insurance Source Solutions can help you find the right umbrella insurance policy for your needs and budget in Oklahoma. Call us today to learn more.

Does Home Insurance Cover Flooding in Oklahoma?

We know Oklahoma for being a state that’s prone to tornadoes and severe weather. But what about flooding? Does home insurance even cover flooding in Oklahoma? nsurance Source Solutions offers this guide in navigating this important coverage.

Flood Insurance: What You  Need To Know

Flooding and Oklahoma

The answer is yes and no. Home insurance policies rarely cover flood damage, but they may offer limited protection against water damage from storms or hurricanes. That’s why it’s important to know what your policy covers and what it excludes. An Insurance Source Solutions agent can help you review your policy and ensure you’re adequately covered.

Water Damage and Home Owners

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage from burst pipes, leaking roofs, and other sudden events. But they typically exclude damage from long-term moisture exposure, which happens during a flood. That’s why it’s essential to have separate flood insurance if you live in an area prone to flooding.

Why is Separate Coverage Necessary?

Flooding is one of the most common and costly natural disasters in the United States. And yet, a standard home insurance often doesn’t cover flood damage. Having separate flood insurance can help you repair or replace your home and belongings if they’re damaged or destroyed by a flood.

These can add up to a lot of money, especially if you live in an area prone to severe weather. That’s why it’s essential to have adequate protection in place. It can help if you have to move out of your home while it’s being repaired or rebuilt, covering costs such as lodging and storage for your belongings.

How to Get Flood Insurance

If you’re interested in purchasing flood insurance, the first step is to contact your insurance agent. Insurance Source Solutions can help you find the right policy for your needs and budget. They can help you determine your eligibility for coverage and how much it would cost.

Protect Yourself and Belongings With Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance is one of the most important things you can have as a renter in Oklahoma. It protects your belongings and yourself from potential liability. Here’s everything you need to know about renter’s insurance in the Midwest state:

What is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is a type of insurance that covers your belongings and provides liability protection in case someone is injured while on your property. It’s essential to have because it gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are protected. The same goes for an injury to you on your property, such as a fall down the stairs.

Why Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is vital because it protects your belongings in case of damage or theft. It also provides liability protection if someone is injured while on your property. Also, renter’s insurance can help if you need to move temporarily after a covered event. For example, if a fire damages your apartment, your renter’s insurance may help pay for a hotel room while you’re displaced.

For more information on how renter’s insurance works and how to find the right policy for you, contact Insurance Source Solutions. We’ll be happy to help you find the coverage you need to protect yourself and your belongings.

Is Renter’s Insurance Expensive?

Renter’s insurance is very affordable. The amount varies by what you need to insure and the deductible you choose, but most people find these policies very reasonable. You can also get add-ons with your policy, such as coverage for your pet or extra protection for high-value items.

When Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

You need renter’s insurance as soon as you move into your new place. Even if your landlord has insurance, it only covers the building itself, not your belongings or liability. So, don’t wait – get renter’s insurance as soon as you sign the lease on your new place. Contact Insurance Source Solutions in Oklahoma to get started.

Why Motorhome Insurance in Oklahoma is Essential

Motorhome insurance is vital in Oklahoma for several reasons. It’s also essential to have the right type and amount of coverage. Learn more about why motorhome insurance is necessary for Oklahoma and what kind of coverage you should consider.

Motorhome Insurance is Required in Oklahoma

Did you know that motorhome insurance is required in Oklahoma? That’s right. If you own a motorhome or are thinking about purchasing one, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage. Your broker with Insurance Source Solutions can help you find the right policy for your needs.

Why is motorhome insurance required in Oklahoma? There are a few reasons. First, it protects other drivers on the road. If you’re in an accident, your motorhome insurance will help pay for any damages you cause.

Second, it protects you and your family. If you’re in an accident, your motorhome insurance will help pay for any injuries or damages you sustain. Finally, it protects your investment. Your motorhome is an enormous investment, and you want to make sure it’s adequately protected in case of an accident or other unforeseen event.

What Options Are Available?

There are a variety of motorhome insurance options available in Oklahoma. Depending on your needs, you can choose from liability-only coverage to full coverage. Your broker with Insurance Source Solutions can help you find the right policy for your needs.

Liability-Only Coverage

Liability-only coverage is the most basic type of motorhome insurance. It will protect other drivers on the road if you’re in an accident. However, it won’t cover any damages to your motorhome or injuries you sustain.

Full Coverage

Full coverage is the most comprehensive type of motorhome insurance. It will protect other drivers on the road if you’re in an accident. It will also cover damages to your motorhome and injuries you sustain.

Motorhome insurance is essential in Oklahoma. Your broker with Insurance Source Solutions can help you find the right policy for your needs.

Prepping for Spring RV Use

Insurance Source Solutions, serving Oklahoma, wants your RV to last you the lifetime of vacations you planned to take in it. To help out, we offer this list of essential preparations to ensure your RV runs well after winter storage. Before you head out for Lake Eufaula or Grand Lake, plow through this checklist to make sure your RV is ready for the big trip.

Inspect Your Slide Outs and Awnings

Even though you had them folded in and tucked away, your pop-outs, slide-outs, and awnings can take on winter damage. Pull each out completely, and inspect the hydraulics system, folding mechanism, and the material of the covering. You might have had rodents munching on your awning while it was folded away. If a cat can get under the hood of a car, a mouse or rat can get into your pop-out area while trying to stay warm. Patch any tears or holes you find before you go on the road. After you patch them, lay a tarp over the interior and test the sturdiness of the pop-out, slide-out, or awning by spraying the RV with water from your hose. Create a wide spray that mocks rainfall to make sure your patch will hold, and you won’t feel like a drowned rat sitting inside your RV while it rains.

Clean the Interior

Clean the surfaces, the walls, mop the floor and the ceiling, and clean out all of the appliances. You can get rid o of tiny rodents this way – bugs, spiders, etc. Check the water heater, too, and your air conditioner. Clean the A/C by changing the filter. This helps your RV smell better, and it keeps you and those who ride in it healthier. An old air filter can cause the dirt it’s meant to catch to fly into the indoor atmosphere. That can cause allergy attacks and asthma attacks.

Check the Holding Tanks

Clean out the freshwater tank and fill it with clean water. Add chemicals to the gray and black water tanks after making sure they’re empty. If they aren’t empty, you need to dump them appropriately, then treat them with chemicals.

Check Your RV’s Battery

You probably removed it for winter storage. Now you put it back in and test it out. It may have discharged completely during storage, so you may need to re-charge it before you try to travel.

Contact Insurance Source Solutions, serving Oklahoma, to learn about protecting your RV with RV insurance. We offer travel policies and full-timers insurance. Let us help you determine which you need.

Staying Safe On The Road: How To Increase The Visibility Of Your Motorcycle To Others

The feeling of the wind on your face and the road ahead—nothing is better than hitting the highway on your bike. It’s important that you make yourself visible to riders and other drivers to help you stay safe as you ride. Here, we’ll take a look at some simple tips you can implement to make it easier for others to steer clear of you on the open road. 

Dress In Bright Colors

We know—wearing black pairs well with riding a motorcycle, but brightening it up can help increase your visibility and lessen the likelihood that you’ll be involved in an accident. 

Use Reflective Tape

Placing reflective tape on the rim of your bike can boost your visibility, especially at night. Reflective tape bounces light off of your bike, making it easier for drivers to see you in dim conditions. This can be especially helpful for nighttime rides during the cooler months when there are fewer daylight hours. 

Drive Defensively

Drivers should be aware of the fact that motorcycles share the road, but many fail to remember that they need to be aware of who is behind and beside them. Operate under the assumption that most people are not watching out for motorcycles, and be sure to constantly consider whether drivers are aware of your presence.

Need Motorcycle Insurance? Insurance Source Solutions, Serving Oklahoma, Can Help

No matter how hard you work to stay safe when you ride, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Insurance Source Solutions, serving Oklahoma, is here to help you with all of your motorcycle insurance needs. Reach out today or stop by to learn more about motorcycle insurance policies.

How Boat Customizations Affect Your Boat Insurance

How Boat Customizations Affect Your Boat Insurance

Whether you enjoy cruising on the waters of Grand Lake or Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma, you need the right boat insurance to properly protect your investment. When you customize your boat, you change it from the condition in which you originally insured it. That means you need to update your policy with Insurance Source Solutions.

What qualifies as customization that requires a boat insurance update? Many items qualify, including:

  • custom paint, such as a mural,
  • upgraded motor,
  • adding an awning,
  • redecorating or remodeling the galley or berth.

You need the updated insurance because your policy only covers your watercraft as you initially purchased it and insured it. Yes, your updated insurance might slightly raise your premium but think about the alternative. After all the money you spent on the customizations, if you don’t update your policy, none of your changes are covered. That means if you have an accident in the boat, you’ll only receive compensation for the original boat. When you update your coverage, if something happens, you receive compensation to cover the boat with the changes, meaning you can buy a new boat that’s just as nice as the one you lost.

When you buy boat insurance, think in terms of full coverage. The liability protection you buy protects everyone on your boat and on another boat if you cause an accident. The property damage coverage pays for damage you cause to someone else’s watercraft. You need collision and comprehensive policies to cover your own watercraft though.

Contact Insurance Source Solutions to learn how to update your boat insurance so you can continue to protect your watercraft on the Oklahoma lakes and rivers. Call us today.

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